The added value of the Disc brake 

At Fons we love to ride our bikes fast but also like to come home in one piece. Riding fast also means that you must be able to brake fast and preferably under all circumstances. That's why, at Fons, besides conventional brakes you can also get the latest technology in disc brakes.

The disc brake works better than the conventional brake in most areas and is seen by many as the future for the road bike. At Fons we are really convinced of the enormous added value of the disc brake. You can control the brake power of a disc brake much better which gives you more control over your braking distance.

Compared to the conventional brake, the disc brake works much better in wet weather. You can count on a good braking force in all weather conditions because you do not need to brake the water or dirt off your rims first. This allows you to keep the braking distance meters shorter in wet weather, which can make the difference between a collision and a safe stop. The disc brake allows you to mount wider tyres with lower rolling resistance, allowing you to ride even more comfortably and with greater grip and speed. Because there is no wear on the rim, your wheels can last longer. Thanks to the disc brake the friction heat of the brake is not directly on the rim so you can say goodbye to a blown-up tyre by overheating when descending in the mountains!

Fons constructs its bikes with the latest technology, we use thru-axles for stiffer mounting of the wheels to prevent tearing and squeaky brakes. In addition, we use the compact flat mount assembly of the brake calipers and we only use hydraulic brakes because they are more consistent. At Fons we put great importance into your safety!

Of course at Fons you can also choose conventional brakes. An excellent choice if your budget is a bit more limited or if you want to use your Fons in road racing, at the moment it's not clear what the future rulings will be for disc brakes in competitions. The UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) is busy testing the disc brake this season. Choose your own path with a road bike that suits you in technique and colour!