Maaike & Fons

A year ago I took part in the Coast to Coast bike ride, fundraising for Marie Curie. It's a 160 mile on and off road bike ride from the west coast of England to the east coast. I did the entire journey on an old mountain bike, it was such a great experience. As I have friends with road bikes I wanted to be able to join them on their rides, that's why I went on the lookout for a road bike. I started doing some research on what I wanted and why. As I am Dutch and have been living in the United Kingdom for the past twenty years, I thought it would be nice to get an orange bike to show my roots. That was a lot harder than I thought.


I found Fons online and dropped them an email with a few questions and they promptly answered. We discussed a few matters and I was impressed by the knowledge they showed therefore I trusted them completely. They helped me with choosing the right shade of orange (called Dangerous Dutch) and suggested the white bar tape and decals. A couple of weeks later my Fons arrived here in Scarborough and I just had to adjust my saddle at the correct height they suggested with the enclosed tool and mount my pedals.

My first ride took me about five minutes to get used to my Fons and that was mostly to do with the brifters. I love how it rides, I like the feeling of speeding down the hills although sometimes I get held up by slow cars... What I love about Fons is that you can choose your own colours and parts. As I've got disc brakes on my old mountain bike I thought that would be the best option for me on my Fons. I chose a 105 group set which is good enough for the amount of cycling I do. At Fons they suggested that I use mountain gearing as we have some steep hills in Yorkshire. The road outside my house is a 17% climb!

It's a joy to ride my Fons, my friends have never been envious of my old mountain bike but they wished they had a Fons...!


Check it out in the configurator and customise it to your own taste!