Marie-Antoinette & Fons

I started cycling two years ago as I couldn't continue playing hockey because of an injury. The bike gives me a feeling of freedom and power and helps me to stay active and care for myself. My previous road bike I bought in the sales to try out cycling as a sport. I enjoyed it so much that I started to look for a bike that suited me. All bikes had something I wasn't happy with. With one the colour was nice but not the wheel sets and with others it was the other way around. I'm so glad I found Fons!

I cycle twice a week and prefer to cycle on my own. The freedom I experience when cycling is completely new to me and I'm now a cycle addict! I chose a matte black Fons because I think it looks really cool and sophisticated. I added the aerodynamic Scope R5 wheel set, these wheels are incredibly light and look great too! For the group set I chose the Shimano 105 because it's very affordable and suits my riding style.

Fons gives me such a freedom of choice when selecting my road bike. I don't know much about the technical side of things but with the clear technical information on the website I figured out what was right for me. I'm so happy I found a bike that suits me and I notice my cycling has improved and therefore I enjoy my new hobby even more.


Check it out in the configurator and customise it to your own taste!