Shimano group sets

At Fons we have chosen to provide different options in disassembly depending on budget, demands and usage. This is to help you choose a Fons that suits you completely. In many product descriptions of road bikes you'll see the term 'group sets' a lot. In addition to the frame and the wheels these so-called group sets determine the final quality and price of a bicycle. However, these group sets can cause some confusion, time for some explanation.

When the term group sets is used this means the package of parts related to the gear shifting and drivetrain of the bike. We are talking about things like shifters, brakes, crank, front and rear derailleur, chain and cassette. These components together are called a group or group set and are used in bike assembly.


At Fons we solely use Shimano group sets because they're most beneficial for female cyclists, such as: high quality, adjustable braking handles (female hands are usually smaller than those of a man), reliability, global availability, choices and a widespread service network. This means that you can have your Fons maintained almost anywhere in the world without any technical problems or limited availability of components. A very reassuring thought, we think.

Each manufacturer has a number of group sets of different quality. These different group sets are referred to by their own name or number, such as Ultegra or Tiagra. A group set contains components of comparable quality. The quality difference between the group sets is noticeable in the speed and reliability of the gear shifting, component durability, component parts and total weight. You will have to ride a lot of bikes to notice the difference in shift performance and durability. If you only go on short bike rides, mainly in the summer, you can wonder if the most expensive group set is a smart investment. However, everything is possible at Fons.

When manufacturing new bicycles, parts of the same group set are often chosen. If a bike has been mounted with Shimano Tiagra then mainly Tiagra group components are being used. However sometimes manufacturers choose to use a mix of parts from different groups when building a bicycle. A higher quality is then chosen for visible parts such as shifters and derailleurs. Parts that wear more quickly come from a smaller group, in this way manufacturers try to keep the purchase price low or try to achieve a higher profit margin. At Fons we don't agree with that!

At Fons we do not mix high quality parts with a lower quality. We think that if you expect to buy a certain quality then that is what you should get. In fact, all our bikes get the highest quality chain mounted and that is something you notice when shifting gear and its durability. 

The quality level of the Shimano group sets is indicated by the name. This doesn't make it easy if you're not familiar with the name. Therefore, we've put the different Shimano group sets in order starting with the lower priced one for novice cyclists to the most advanced, high quality group set. At Fons all our road bikes are tailor made for you. We think it's really important that you get a road bike that suits you perfectly. Make an appointment in our showroom or contact us with any queries you may have. We're here to help you choose your Fons!