Shannon Galpin - The power of voice

American Shannon Galpon is the founder of Mountain2Mountain. She believes it's important to change the perceptions of others and therefore puts on events that call for discussion through art, music and sport. She supports graffiti art projects, cycling women and the Street of Afghanistan Exhibition. Her projects are aimed at empathy for regions of conflict. Mountain2Mountain is a relief organisation dedicated to the construction of girls' schools, education for the deaf and midwifery training. In 2012 Shannon held her first TEDx talk about the Power of Voice which illustrates the link for all her work.

Shannon has also started a peaceful revolution to break down gender barriers and taboos. In Afghanistan, women aren't allowed to ride a bike but Shannon didn't let that stop her! In 2012 at request of the coach of the National Cycling Team of Afghanistan, Shannon founded a female team of competition road cyclists!

The story of Shannon Galpin is one that inspires us and many others, she breaks barriers and gives women equal opportunities. Follow Shannon on Instagram and let her inspire you on her special journey.