At Fons, we work with brand ambassadors

These are women who are all fans of Fons Bikes and who have purchased one. They are so enthusiastic about the bikes and us that they even help us generate more exposure. By actively sharing or posting messages about us on social media. But also by participating in photoshoots or events. You can also contact them if you have any questions about Fons. They are not resellers for Fons, but they do receive compensation from us for several things. We want to be clear about this and in our view, it is also justified for the work they do for us. If you are interested in becoming a Fons ambassador please drop us a mail with your motivation

We would like to introduce them to you:

Kim Peters also known as Kimmie
I cycle, because I can, because sometimes I have to, because then I am surrounded by friends because I want to get the best out of myself, to stay fit, to get to know new people…. Being outside, beautiful surroundings (sometimes not), for the coffee and Apple Crumble… and so on and so on! My Fons: Makes me faster than ever before, gives me new confidence in cycling, and is just plain cool!

I work at the Rapha Clubhouse Amsterdam. My work is great! I can talk about cycling all day long, I am surrounded by the most beautiful clothes and the most interesting cycling enthusiasts.

Why Fons Ambassador? Women's cycling has become my middle name… From founding Fietsbelles - the women's division of ASC Olympia-, organizing one of the largest free women's tours - Rapha Women's 100 Amsterdam - to advising in clothing. That said, it's only logical that that includes a good road bike… one that is specifically aimed at women: Fons.

Maaike (UK):
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Claudia (Italia):

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