Let us help you in our showroom

Do you find it difficult to create your dream bike online? Make an appointment for a visit to our showroom and let our experts help you measure and compose your Fons so that it fully meets your wishes! Because we would like to take our time to measure you professionally and to help you with all your questions, you can only visit the showroom by appointment. Make an appointment now.

When choosing a bike, it is important that you are properly measured, so that you get a custom road bike. In the showroom, we use bikefitting so that we can ensure that you can choose a Fons that completely fits your measurements and can be properly adjusted.

How to reach us?

Fons can be reached via Whatsapp so that we can help you even better with questions. Send a WhatsApp or drop us a mail at info@fons-bikes.nl

Fons Bikes
Schapendreef 7
4824 AM Breda
076 2050592

You can also make an appointment for a test ride or a visit to our showroom.


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