Geometery according to Fons

At Fons we are quite a bit stubborn. We have our own vision of what makes a road or gravel bikemore suitable for women. Just as others are also starting to discover that the outdated women's geometry for road bikes makes no sense, we are coming up with a geometry that seems to fit our female customers extremely well. Based purely on driving characteristics, weight distribution, and handling, not on long or short limbs or torso length.

We have several options that almost always make it possible to put together a well-fitting bike for you so that you can get the best out of yourself.Don't stare too narrowly at the table but come by and experience the differences between the bikes for yourself.

Do you have questions about the geometry of our bikes, or bikes in general, and our ideas about it? Feel free to ask them via or visit the showroom. We'd also love to hear from you if you'd like to learn more about geometry in general and what it means.  

Fons frame size tabel

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