Decide for yourself how and where you want to ride!

The Fons Multistrada is our most versatile bike. Due to the driving character, the geometry, and the possibility to fit many different tires, your ride doesn't have to end where the pavement stops.

Would you like to ride your own course? Do you like comfort and speed? Do you also want to get away from the busy bike lanes and see where that sandy path goes? Are there cobblestones on your daily tour? Then the Fons Multistrada might be your bike.

This gravel bike is a very stable, comfortable racing bike that offers you a lot of extra possibilities. Very suitable for a weekend of bikepacking because of the space to mount your compact bag set and it allows you to spend hours of rides in the saddle. With the standard Schwalbe G-One or ERE research tires, you have an unprecedented amount of comfort and grip, even in bad weather or on unpaved paths. Of course you can also fit slightly narrower tires if you mainly drive on perfect asphalt, your Multistrada is then slightly lighter and steers a bit faster. With the Multistrada, you also decide what kind of technique and resistance you want. This is easy to adjust if you like steep climbs.

Experience it for yourself and come by for a test ride. We have set out various test routes for you that contain beautiful shell paths and cobblestone strips so that you can experience the difference between a gravel bike and a regular road bike. For enthusiasts, there is also a beautiful MTB track near Breda.

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