Our Fons Multistrada gravel bike options

In our configurator, you can create your ideal Multistrada yourself so that you get a tailor-made gravel bike. You can determine the colour of the frame and logo yourself, and indicate whether you prefer a shiny, metallic or matte gravel bike. In addition, you have different options in wheels, brakes, and groupsets. Because we think it's important that our gravel bike for women fits you perfectly. Do you find it difficult to create a bicycle online or do you want more information about the options? Then make an appointment in our showroom or contact us. We are happy to discuss all options for your Fons Multistrada because there is even more possible than the options in our configurator! Discuss your wishes with us, so that we can see what we can do for you. In addition, you can view and choose all RAL colours, and more, in the showroom!

Options in group sets

The 13-speed Campagnolo Ekar groupset is no conventional gravel groupset.  Ekar is the lightest complete gravel groupset in the world: reliable and high-performance.  With a wide range of gravel-specific combinations and no compromises.

The 13-speed Ekar rear derailleur is designed from the ground up to give you optimum performance, the best riding experience and maximum reliability for your gravel, all-road and endurance rides, on the most difficult terrains where you want to test and challenge yourself.  Ekar offers the best of the proven braking performance of the Campagnolo hydraulic system and the well-known technology of Ergopower controls, all optimized for gravel use. With a careful choice of materials to achieve the optimal balance of strength, durability and lightness that gravel demands, the Ekar groupset offers precise control and reliable performance for gravel bikes.

Shimano GRX is a component series designed for gravel and adventure riders, bikepackers and cyclocross racers, providing a wide spread of possible builds.

At Fons we only supply the 1X 11 speed options in both mechanical or electronic  shifting versions.

GRX 600 or 800 series provide wide-range or close-range gears, and dropper post integration for the more demanding descents.  Shimano GRX isn’t exactly an entirely complete groupset. Instead, it combines key technologies and components from current road and mountain bike groupsets to give almost unlimited options for you as a rider for the conditions and demands that you want or need. 

That's all simple enough, but sometimes things are complicated by the fact that you can't get every component at every level. You can't have a complete RX600 groupset because there's no such thing as an RX600 rear derailleur, for instance; if you want an 11-speed mechanical rear derailleur you need to go for RX800 level. In other words, you sometimes have to mix and match. Now worries there because we are here to help you to sort out the right components.

The key difference between the GRX 800 and the GRX 600 crank is  that GRX 800 uses Shimanos hollow tech crank arms to reduce the weight.

Options in brakes

The disc brake works better than the conventional brake in almost every area and is seen by many as the future for the racing bike. At Fons we are really convinced of the enormous added value of the disc brake since day one. You can dose the braking power much better with a disc brake, which gives you more control while cycling hence more safety.

Compared to the conventional brakes, the disc brake works much better in all weather conditions. You can excellent braking power even in wet conditions, because you don't have to brake/scrub the dirt from your rims first. This means you come to a stand still meters earlier in wet weather conditions and that can make the difference between a collision or a safe stop.

Disc brakes allow you to mount wider tires with a lower rolling resistance and shorter brake distance. Allowing you to drive even more comfortably with more grip and speed. Because there is no wear on the rim, your wheels can also last longer! Due to the disc brake, the frictional heat of the brake is not directly on your rim, so that you can also say goodbye to the risk of a blown tire due to overheating!

Another important advantage in our opinion is that designers and riders no longer are less limited when choosing the width of tires and wheel sizes. That gives you more freedom of choice.

Fons equips its bikes with the latest standard of available and proven techniques. We use 12mm  UCI sized thru-axles for a stiffer mounting of the wheels, so you avoid twisting and squeaking brakes. In addition, we use the compact flat mount mounting of the calipers and we only use hydraulic brakes because they perform much more consistently. We value your safety enormously!


Options in wheels

Our wheelset from Shimano is also from high quality, proven reliable and known for their long life. These weels have very good bearings, which give you a lower rolling resistance and are easy to maintain

When starting this project, it was the aim of Scope to develop the best-in-class off-road wheelset for the use in gravel bikes and XC mountain bikes. Where most of their competitors are focusing on one specific area like; weight, lateral stiffness, comfort, or durability, it was the aim of both co-founders; Rik Kusters and Nieck Busser, to combine all the important product characteristics into one all-round off-road wheelset.

Scirocco is a solid, precise aluminum wheel that delivers refined solutions in a super-competitive, race-ready package.  This is a wheel with attitude, suitable for both training and racing. Thanks to its medium profile it fits any racing bike perfectly and responds to the max when pedaled by the most powerful sprinters or the lightest of climbers.  Each watt will be enhanced, each bend will be taken with precision, each ride will be more intense and enjoyable thanks to the extreme comfort guaranteed by its wide well.

The SHAMAL family has always represented an evolutionary push beyond its own limits for Campagnolo and it has the same significance today: thinking outside the box as it looks forward.From the SHAMAL Ultra, an aluminum wheel that has always been a market benchmark in terms of response and ease of handling, through to the Shamal Carbon Disc Brake, a carbon wheel with a more accessible price, yet with every feature needed to make it the perfect all-rounder. The Shamal Carbon Disc Brake is the first Campagnolo endurance wheel, capable of housing bigger tires and ensuring maximum comfort on longer rides, even on gravel.

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