Fons Strada Disco

The Fons Strada Disco gives you complete confidence in your bike almost immediately after getting on the bike. This is due to the sporty but stable character of the frame.

The Fons Strada is a perfect climbing bike due to its lightweight and an even better descender because of its stiffness and confidence-inspiring handling. This makes this women's road bike ideal for long fast rides, but also rides in the mountains or hills. The design of the rear frame and the use of a more flexible seat post (27.2 mm) makes the Fons Strada Disco also very comfortable on the lesser paved roads. The frame design allows for the mounting of supple wider tires, reducing your rolling resistance and, again, increasing your comfort. With wider tires you are less likely to suffer from a flat tire, your grip in the corners is better and your average speed will be much higher.
You are of course always welcome in our showroom to experience our claims for yourself!

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